Aerial Classes

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$120 Come to as many aerial classes as you like! (kids classes and aerial hoop sequencing not included)

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$145 Choose any eight aerial classes that fit into YOUR schedule.

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$20 Drop-in to one class at a time

Level 1 Aerial for Adults (ages 15+)

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Tuesday at 11am and 6:30pm
Thursday at 11am
Friday at 6:30pm
and Saturday at 11am

1.5 hrs / $145 for 8 classes or $20 drop-in

IMG_3608Learn the basics of aerial silks, static trapeze, aerial hoop (lyra) and hammock. We support and encourage students in testing their limits while they gain strength, flexibility and confidence. Beginners welcome – all tricks start low until you are comfortable to take it higher into the air.

Level 2 Aerial for Adults (18+)

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Thursday 6:30 to 8pm and Saturday 1 to 2:30pm / $145 for 8 classes or $20 drop-in

This class will take your aerial practice to the next level while learning more complicated and daring tricks on silks, trapeze, hammock and lyra. Instructor permission required.

Fearless Flyers (ages 11 – 14)

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Wednesdays 6:30 to 7:30pm
$130 for 8 classes or $20 drop-in

This class teaches the basics of climbing and balance while building flexibility and strength. Students will learn tricks on aerial silks and static trapeze within a safe and encouraging environment. Great exercise for all shapes and sizes – beginners welcome.

The Monkey Pit (ages 8 – 10)

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Wednesdays 5:15 to 6:15pm
$130 for 8 classes or $20 drop-in

This class encourages safe exploration in the air. Students will be taught to familiarize themselves with stretching, climbing, holds, and safe aerial fun on trapeze and silks.

Aerial Strength and Stretch

This class is currently on hold and will return soon
Thursdays from 8:15 to 9:30pm / $65 for 4 classes or $20 drop-in
(Included with the monthly unlimited pass)

This conditioning class is for all fitness levels looking to build upper body/core strength PLUS flexibility. Students will be guided through a cardio warm up, effective conditioning techniques in the air (utilizing the aerial apparatuses) and on the ground, then a 30 minute stretching session that will not only help your flexibility and balance but also build the muscles needed to utilize that bendiness!

Students will increase their range of motion, build a strong and stable core, learn about injury prevention, and gain upper body strength needed for Aerial Arts as well as daily life activities. No aerial experience necessary, all fitness levels welcome! We will challenge you based on your current fitness goals and level. Please wear comfortable aerial/yoga attire, bring water and a yoga mat.

Open Studio (ages 16+)

Tuesday and Friday from 8 to 9pm

IMG_3286Practice your climbs, tricks, drops or just come in for a workout. Open to current students and those with prior aerial experience. Instructors will be present to answer questions, but will not be teaching tricks.

Open studio is included with the Monthly Unlimited Pass.
$5 for registered students,
$10 for experienced aerialists not registered at Agora.

Lyra (aerial hoop) Technique

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Sundays at 10 to 11am / $100 for 6 classes or $20 drop-in

(included with the monthly unlimited pass!)

IMG_3486Become the center of gravity and train your core and upper body for poise and balance! In this class you will learn step by step the basics of these suspended rings (A mix of double point, trap lyra, and single point will be utilized during the series). We will cover warm ups, strength training and proper technique through conditioning plus mounting, dismounting, beginner poses, short combinations, and training to balance with support from the hoop. Spinning is optional.

This class is recommended for students with at least one series of basic aerial techniques under their belt. Students should be familiar with and be able to execute hanging tuck position (feet off floor, knees lifted 90 degrees while hanging onto any apparatus) and be able to hang upside down for at least 10 seconds.

Lyra (aerial hoop) Sequencing & Beyond

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Sundays at 11:30am to 12:45pm / $105 for 6 classes or $20 drop-in

(1/2 off with the monthly unlimited package, not included in the 8 class package)

IMG_3584Now that you’ve gained the strength and skills in the basic class, it’s time to string your favorites together and learn new exciting poses under, in, AND above the hoop!

In this class you will take it to the next level and begin training to spin while moving in and out of poses, working on top of the hoop, and sequencing the moves you’ve learned together. A mix of double point, trap lyra, and single point will be utilized during the series. We will cover warm up, strength training and proper technique through stamina building, holding poses, spinning, and transitions from move to move. After a few classes, the students may bring in their own song to sequence to and work on flow.

This class is recommended for students with at least 6 classes of aerial hoop basics under their belt, pending instructor approval (please email regarding approval). Students should be familiar with and able to execute 2 chin/pull-ups on the hoop, unassisted straddle mount to seat, and be able to hang upside down from knees for at least 15 seconds. Class size limited to 4 students.

Private Lessons

Private aerial instruction is available for all ages and experience levels. Schedule a lesson for yourself or a group of friends and choose the apparatuses you’d like to work on. Please email Sarah or Irina for availability and rates.


What do I wear / bring to class?

We recommend wearing snug-fitting clothing that covers under your arms and the backs of your knees. Leggings, leotards, tanks, tees, tights and hoodies all work well. Leg warmers or tall socks with the feet cut off are helpful to protect your feet when working on the lyra and trapeze. Clean feet and hands are much appreciated, long nails are not recommended.

Aerial can be quite a workout, so try to not eat two hours prior to class and make sure to bring a bottle of water.

We provide dry rosin in class, but if you’re planning to play for many weeks, you may want your own spray or dry. Rosin can usually be found at sporting good stores like Dicks or Dunhams.

What are the class rules?

Please download, read and talk with your child about our rules for safe play prior to coming to class.